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Indigo Rhapsody

Indigo Rhapsody

My Next Book!

Anybody know someone who’d hire a thirteen-year-old arsonist? Need a job ASAP.

Indigo Louise Jackson needs a summer job. Caught match-in-hand after setting old Mrs. Clifford’s shed on fire, Indi is in trouble. With several fire incidents to her name and a charred shed to replace, Indi’s father sends her to Arizona to live with her long-lost aunt for the summer and work at her music school. Indi is not a fan of music. Or planes. She lost her mother, an up and coming musician, in a plane crash when she was seven years old. And music? Well, that just freaks her out. She’s cursed with a strange ability to see music in vibrant colors that always overwhelm her at the worst possible moments.

Somehow, during the hot Arizona summer of music, Indi finds herself dealing with all the things she’s been trying for so long to avoid. Personal friendships, her relationship with her father and aunt, memories of her mother, and her extraordinary connection with music.

For Indi, it all seems like more trouble than it’s worth. Is she right?

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