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What is Ghostwriting?

Do you have a book idea that has been on your mind for a while but you haven't been able to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard)? This is totally understandable. It is hard to write a book! But you have a story that needs to be told. You have business expertise that can help others. You have an experience that you would like to share. You be the author. I'll be the writer.


Collaborative writing (or ghostwriting) is a wonderful partnership between your ideas and a professional writer. I have years of experience writing books, short stories, and curriculum. I have published five books of my own, and I have ghostwritten 10+ pieces for other authors. I will collaborate with you as your writer, and help get your story out for the world to read!

As a professional ghostwriter, my job is to make your ideas, stories, and knowledge come to life! I am an experienced writer with several published titles. I will use your ideas, stories, or experiences to write your book and you will be credited as the author.


Many people hire ghostwriters to write their books because they have great ideas but are not professional writers. Others hire ghostwriters because they simply do not have time to write the book themselves. Whatever your reason for seeking a ghostwriter, I can make your experience seamless and enjoyable! 


Contact me today for a free consultation at In the subject line, write "Ghostwriting Consultation". Let's write your book!


By Phone: 602-492-8953

By Email:

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